Lead Pastors:

Kevin & Mindy Gamber

They feel called to build and grow a group of people by teaching them the word of God, and instruct them on how to then go out and share their life changing experience with others. Their goal is to make an impact in this city for God that will live on and grow on its own.


Executive Pastors:

Tim & Jessie Krabiel

Along with their 2 daughters, Tim and Jessie have a heart to encourage families to love and meet the needs of their community. Their goal is that everyone that they work with would have a stronger relationship with God, and a better understanding of how to lead others.


Elementary Pastor:

Jaron Gamber

While leading our 5 - 12 year old students, Pastor Jaron continuously finds ways to be an invaluable part of their lives. He is always trying to add value to them so they will know what it looks like to love generously. His goal is that every child that he meets feels loved and respected.